Pink Asiatic Pheasant Breakfast Cup 12oz (425ml)

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A romantic twist on a traditional Burleigh design, the Pink Asiatic Pheasant collection brings refinement to your home in soft shades of pink and white.

Paired with our exquisite breakfast saucer, this cup will convey a timeless tearoom fell at an afternoon tea party.

  • Handmade in England
  • Uniquely decorated by skilled craftsmen with Burleigh's centuries-old technique of tissue transfer printing from hand-engraved copper rollers
  • Capacity: 12oz (425ml)

Care advice for your breakfast cup

Burleigh products are microwave and dishwasher safe. We recommend using low temperatures and liquid detergents when washing, or alternatively washing by hand and drying with a soft cloth. Unsuitable for oven and freezer use.